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Regulatory Information Services

Regulatory challenges across every industry continue to evolve at a rapid pace. The complexity of change and the burdens of reporting place unprecedented pressure and risk on both large and small organizations.

Our RegTech Data as a Service provides AI-powered conversion and access to non-standard federal, state and local regulations, tailored to an organization’s risk profile. RegBox converts regulations into a flexible database and RegTracker detects and displays changes issued by authorities.


Conversion Service

There is no single standard regulation format in use by federal, state and local authorities. Yet organizations need access to their own often confusing and overlapping matrix of regulations to manage risk.

  • RegBox is the data service that gathers, processes, converts and combines different regulations via a rules-based software engine.

  • The non-standard regulations, (issued in PDF, Word, Excel, XML or other formats) are converted into a single database where links are established, structure and vocabulary are learned and aggregated online access is enabled.


Change Management Service

New rules and changes to existing regulations are constantly being issued which makes change detection a critical risk management activity.

  • The RegTracker change detection engine works seamlessly alongside RegBox.

  • Validating and detecting changes in releases and being able to easily describe them is highly valuable and very hard to accomplish due to the static nature of existing formats.

  • RegTracker monitors changes from the prior release and organizes the information for online discovery and effective evaluation.

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Checklist Tools

Our proprietary checklist platform makes it easy to create and deploy customized checklists for use in any industry. Pre-built templates and user friendly tools make it simple to modify checklists for use on a mobile device or website.

The platform can be customized and deployed across a broad network of facilities in different geographic regions or at a single location. Automating checklists eliminates paper, delivers lower cost and improves results.

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Auditing/Workflow Platform

Auditing is often paper-based, inefficient and hard to track. This powerful and customizable platform combines workflow, messaging, scheduling, reporting and deficiency resolution.

Dashboards and reports show risk hot spots at a single location or across a large decentralized organization. 

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Flexible SaaS Tools

Our proprietary SaaS tools are highly customizable. Jump start a new SaaS offering by leveraging a pre-built cloud infrastructure and suite of tools including; administrator and user registration, roles and rights management, secure login and password management. messaging, assignments, scheduling, cross facility tracking and reporting.